logos-brandsHello, My Name Is…

What’s the most powerful brand you’ve encountered in your life?
With what brand do you identify most?
What brand would you follow into a dark alley on a stormy night, with nothing but a pen light, a ball of twine, and an unfounded sense of optimism?

HINT: It’s probably not Charlie Sheen. OR IS IT?

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Is your Brand working as hard as you are?


Organizational Branding happens on multiple levels—and includes the brands of your employees, products and services, your leadership team, and your company. If all of your Brands aren’t in alignment, success will remain just out of reach for even the most driven of organizations.


Welcome to Generation I. As CEO of your own business or simply your own career, a savvy, consistent and memorable Brand can help you stand out from the crowd. Is your Brand working as hard as you are for your success?


Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, today’s market demands a well-defined, highly visible Brand for authors who want to enjoy long-lasting success. Your Brand is the sum of the quality of your work, your Industry presence, and your Writing focus.